There is a problem when it comes to traveling these days.

So many people want to do it, but they can’t afford to.

This leads to either one of two things:

  1. They go into debt to travel
  2. They just don’t travel

However, ¬†there are ways to not only to travel frugally–but also have your finances in order so you can travel without going into debt.

It sounds impossible, but I was able to visit 28+ countries without going into a penny of debt.

Hi, my name is Bethany. I am a personal finance podcaster and YouTuber, professional public speaker/emcee, and serial entrepreneur who happens to absolutely love traveling.

My first trip overseas wasn’t until I was 23. I moved to England for my first adult job after graduating college in Chicago. I packed my two bags and moved my life to another country.

It was the scariest and most exhilarating thing I had ever done.

It was also the most difficult year of my life, both professionally and personally.

Being shaped by the both the painful and the profound, I knew I needed to see the world.

Since then, I have been to over 28 countries. I have paid for almost every international trip  from my own bank account, from credit card points, or business related travel. I have done it by living moderately and using the right tools to book the best travel deals on the internet.

People have it in their minds that traveling the globe is expensive.

Yeah, but so is a Tesla.

Or a house in Southern California.

Or a Coach purse.

The point is, a certain style of travel can be expensive. Absolutely. But it is affordable if you don’t get the “Tesla Version” of travel.

Knowing the right times to travel, how to book a trip using deal sites and tools, and how to budget once you are on your dream vacation can make the world of difference (pun intended).

Additionally, it is living day to day spending money wisely that allows me to travel. I order my priorities so that my expenses go into my adventures instead of things.

Traveling might not even be your thing! It could be saving up for retirement, planning for a family, or going back to school, or all of the above. Whatever your priority is, it is a day-to-day choice to spend less here so you can save more there.

I have a goal to visit 30 countries before I am 30. I am so close (28 countries down and 2 to go in one year) and am not slowing down any time soon. I love showing those bitten by the wanderlust bug that they too can see the world without having to spend everything in their bank account.

I think I found my new home in Hobbiton, New Zealand.